Quick Aphasia Battery (QAB)

The Quick Aphasia Battery (QAB) aims to provide a reliable and multidimensional assessment of language function in about a quarter of an hour, bridging the gap between comprehensive batteries that are time-consuming to administer, and rapid screening instruments that provide limited detail regarding individual profiles of deficits. The QAB is made up of eight subtests, each comprising sets of items that probe different language domains, vary in difficulty, and are scored with a graded system to maximize the informativeness of each item. From the eight subtests, eight summary measures are derived, which constitute a multidimensional profile of language function, quantifying strengths and weaknesses across core language domains. In a norming study, we have shown that the QAB efficiently and reliably characterizes individual profiles of language deficits. To remove barriers to adoption of cost or convenience, we have made available here all materials required to administer the QAB.

Download the QAB

The QAB is described in detail in the following open access paper:

Wilson SM, Eriksson DK, Schneck SM, Lucanie JM. A quick aphasia battery for efficient, reliable, and multidimensional assessment of language function. PLoS One 2018; 13(2): e0192773. [pdf | doi]


Scoresheets: [pdf]

Stimulus cards: [pdf]

Macro to calculate summary scores: [xls]
This is a revised version of the macro. The version included with the paper contains errors. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Norming dataset: [txt]


Many clinicians have asked whether QAB scores can be interpreted in terms of severity. We emphasize that severity terms are arbitrary, but recognizing the need for this in clinical practice, we suggest the following guidelines:

QAB overall scoreSeverity
8.90–10.00no aphasia

These cutoffs are based on the documented correspondence between the QAB and the WAB.

Extended QAB

Here is a version of the QAB that includes extended forms for when more time is available.

Extended scoresheets: [pdf]

Extended stimulus cards: [pdf]


Several SLPs and researchers have expressed an interest in translating or adapting the QAB for other languages. This is allowed by the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License under which the QAB is published, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction, provided the original authors and source are credited. We are glad to host completed adaptations here if you would like to make them available to others.

French | Fran├žais [zip] by Marie di Pietro, University Hospitals of Geneva, Neurorehabilitation Service, Geneva, Switzerland

Danish | Dansk [zip] by Kamma K. Miethe & Tanja Kandborg, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark