APROCSA is a system for auditory-perceptual rating of connected speech in aphasia. It is inspired by the auditory-perceptual approach to the assessment of motor speech disorders (Darley, Aronson, & Brown, 1969a,b, 1975). Twenty-seven features of connected speech, representing many types of disruptions and abnormalities that are commonly observed in connected speech in aphasia, are each scored on a five-point scale.

APROCSA is described in detail in the following paper:

Casilio M, Rising K, Beeson PM, Bunton K, Wilson SM. Auditory-perceptual rating of connected speech in aphasia. Am J Speech Lang Pathol 2019; 28: 550-68. [pdf | doi]


Guidelines on research applications: [pdf]

MATLAB script: [zip]

Neuroaprocsa materials: [github]