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Wagiman is an Australian Aboriginal language spoken in Australia's Northern Territory. On this web site you will find an online dictionary of Wagiman, as well as some general information about the language and its speakers, three texts, and some links and references to more material on Wagiman and other Australian Aboriginal languages.
Dictionary To the dictionary...
About the dictionary How to use the dictionary, how it was made, and who was involved.
Language & speakers A short introduction to the Wagiman language and its speakers.
Wagiman texts Three texts in Wagiman, with English translations.
Links & references Links to more resources on Wagiman and other Australian Aboriginal languages.

Language consultants: Lulu Martin Dalpbalngali, Helen Liddy Emorrotjba, Paddy Huddlestone Benbo, Clara McMahon Gumbirtbirtda and Lenny Liddy Gapbuya; linguists: Stephen Wilson and Mark Harvey. This dictionary was funded by an AIATSIS grant (G98/6163); more acknowledgements are contained within...

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